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Sag Harbor

Sag Harbor, NY is a great place to relax for the weekend or for the summer. I love the town and have been going there in the summers for the last 6 years. 

The best local watering hole is Murf’s. LOVE MURF’S. Although it’s under new management and there have been a few changes, it’s still a great place to hang and chat it up with the locals and the yacht deckhands. The last time I was there I had some drinks, sang and played air guitar to the songs from the juke box. Ring toss I’m not very good at. I’m still working at darts but cannot hang with the best (Maeve). 

The Farmer’s Market is every Saturday in the summer and they have really great stuff. I bought some beautiful sunflowers and some spicy/sour pickles.

Water skiing, tubing, swimming and sun bathing are all great activities to do on a nice day. Of course you could also go fishing or just tanning out on your boat or yacht. Whatever summer activities you enjoy, the Hamptons and Sag Harbor has it all. 

I’d also suggest watching the sunset on the beach at night. It’s very beautiful. 

If you are looking for drinks, Murf’s or the Corner Bar I’d recommend. However, although it’s in Long Island, long island iced teas are not served at Murf’s!!! (WHAT THE ??) 

The bartender told us, and I quote, “They cause too many problems.”

Comments on: "Sag Harbor" (5)

  1. greatfreakinadventuresofgina said:

    Thanks for your comment on my Sag Harbor blog! I will definitely check out Murf’s next time I go!

  2. Wow! Sounds awesome. How far from the city is it, and what options are there for getting there?

    • You know I am not sure exactly how far it is from the city. Maybe about 2 or 2 1/2 hours.
      I come from New Jersey.

      I usually just get to the GWB and once you’re on the Long Island Expressway take it for about 40 exits!

      It’s kind of south-east hampton.

  3. I realized after counting my 41 pairs I forgot all my winter shoes packed away…. so don’t feel so bad! lol!

    Sag Harbor sounds wonderful! I spent a summer on Long Island but never ventured to Sag Harbor (or have honestly heard of it!) I’ll have to put it on my list of places to visit though!

  4. i love the idea that you are kind of an outdoor person. it’s cool. the blog is great! kudos!

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