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Birthday in Paris

Tour By NightMy birthday and celebration in Paris turned out great!

Because my birthday fell on a Tuesday this year, I had to celebrate it the weekend before. This past Saturday night we began the festivities. We started off with the housewarming/birthday party at my house. (It’s French so when I say my house I mean my 18 meter apartment.)

It was great. We had lots of champagne, rum, vodka, wine, and one of the boys bought whiskey. Yes we keep it classy. There was also fruit, cheese, vegetables, and baguettes bien sur (of course)!

There was about 13 of us in the apartment getting drunk and having a good time when my landlord rang the doorbell. I tried to look as sober as possible and took my birthday tiara off. My landlord spoke the whole time in French and was fussing. I apologized and told her we were a bout to leave anyway to go out.

We left en route to the Gibus Club at metro stop Republique. I was told this was a good club in Paris with American music. Ladies were free before 1:00am so we made it in.

The music and atmosphere at the club were good. Besides, I had been drinking champagne all night. I ordered a malibu and pineapple at the bar and a vodka tonic for one of the guys. My drink was really good. I had a great time at the club.

Today, my actual birthday, I had a night class. When classΒ  was over we made a group trip to Pizza Hut where the pies are buy one get one free on Tuesdays. That’s right I had Pizza Hut in Paris. Don’t judge me. lol

Pizza Hut is one of the few restaurants that stays open late night in that area. My friend and I had the Lousiane and the Supreme. Delicious.

Back in my apartment and I have enjoyed my French, Parisian birthday.

Good times

Β  πŸ™‚

Comments on: "Birthday in Paris" (12)

  1. Happy Birthday Travelingmad! Am I to understand that your birthday is September the 28th? If so, what a bizarre coincidence. That’s my birthday, too. All the best and here’s to a bright new future in Paris.

    • @kimberlyblagrove Thanks for the comment. Only a year late but have been so consumed with school. Yes September 28th is my birthday too! I’m already planning for this year’s fun and madness πŸ™‚

  2. CinZilicious said:

    Thx for stoppin by my blog Travelingmad:) Yes, DK is deffo a place to visit!!! Looks like u had a fab Parisian bday too, Happy belated bday!!!! I was in Paris for 4 days durin my uni days and i loved it! I suppose studyin there is totally diff, eh? Anyway, hope ur stay there will be fun and that u’ll explore other EU countries:D

  3. Happy belated birthday and happy France!

  4. graphiquefantastique said:

    Hey! Thanks for commenting on my blog! A happy belated birthday to you also! I am so jealous of you for moving to France – I love everything french! Are you enjoying the French culture? I bet you have seen quite a few moustaches!? πŸ™‚

  5. I think it’s hilarious you went to Pizza Hut. Every once in a while I’ll get a craving for it- back in Mid-Missouri, we didn’t have many pizza options. So that’s the “treat” my parents would always come home with when they made long trips to grocery shop or what not…

  6. jerseygator said:

    Found your blog when you had commented on mine. Seems a common thread for finding new blogmates, eh? I, too, celebrated my birthday in Paris last year (Dec ’09) but wasn’t living there. My breakfast experience in Paris was totally yummy (I’m a carb addict) but we were often the first ones at the Bistro, and often shared it with drunk young men who would follow a bite of pastry with a quick jaunt outside to take another swig of beer. Have fun, and I’m anticipating reading more about your culture shock experiences! (BTW, you may have to get peanut butter shipped in, if you’re a fan…I send it to a friend of mine in Paris!)

    • I really do love croissants. I would just like them with a side of a sausage cheese biscuit or bacon and eggs sandwhich!

      I heard about people wanting peanut butter here. I don’t like it so I won’t need any. Nutella is not good either. I’ll just stick with jelly πŸ™‚

  7. Love your post. I’m hoping to be out of the country next birthday as well. It’s the best bday gift we can give to ourselves, travel. πŸ™‚

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