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Food For The Homesick

Mmmmm breakfast.

Look, a real breakfast!

Does anyone else love to eat? I do! I am greedy and prefer three meals a day with snacks in between. The secret to French skinniness is that they eat smaller portions, the food is expensive AND, they don’t have real breakfast here!

If you read my earlier post, French Culture Shock, you know I have touched on this shocking subject before. For breakfast we Americans like eggs, grits, bacon/sausage, homefries,  pancakes/French toast, etc. In France breakfast is a croissant and a coffee or hot chocolate. A tasty snack, but where’s the beef??

Don’t panic yet. I have great news. There is a diner (yes a genuine diner) that serves American breakfast in Paris. The restaurant is aptly named, Breakfast In America. Being a Jersey girl, I know what a diner should be. Our state has more than anyone can count. I was skeptical going in thinking, this is not going to be good and its probably not a real diner.

I was pleasantly surprised! I ordered fried eggs, bacon, pancakes, and home fries. Best 11 Euro I have spent in a long time! I sat at the bar. There was old American music playing. Waitresses yelled out “Order up.” I felt like I was back at home.

The food was delicious. As my belt tightened I thought, “Am I getting full?” I ate real bacon! The pancakes were soft and cooked perfectly. Today was the first time I had seen an egg cooked in a restaurant. They usually eat the raw atop beef tartar (yuck).

For all you other homesick Americans in Paris or in France craving a real breakfast make your way to Breakfast In America. They are open every day and brunch is served all day on Sundays. The service was good and the food was great. I will be back on Tuesday. It’s not a special occasion or lunch date, just Tuesday.

–     Happy eating  : )

Comments on: "Food For The Homesick" (15)

  1. Yum that’s my kind of breakfast 🙂

  2. Sooo hungry right now as I didn’t have breakfast myself this morning (due to the lack of food at my apartment as I came back from Denmark yesterday)…
    BUT the cantina at work is serving “Currywurst” today, so I’m looking so much forward to that 🙂

  3. I’m glad you found a place with American breakfast food. I love hot chocolate, but I don’t think I would want it every morning for breakfast. I’d miss the home fries.

    • @thoughtsappear Thanks! I’m happy about it too; I’m super happy about their frequent diner card where you get a free meal after 10 meals!
      Hot chocolate is too good and with whip cream, that would make every winter morning magical for me.

  4. Do you know how hard it is to find a restaurant in Southern California suburbs that even has grits on their menu? Guess I gotta go to France to have a decent grits ‘n’ eggs breakfast (or visit my Mom!)

  5. I would actually die. As a southern girl I believe that Grits, mash taters, and dumplings are darn close to gifts from God. Glad you found a place for some comfort food!

    • @ToriNelson You probably would die here. … Or you would lose weight from only eating tiny portions like the French do! (That’s not a good thing for me.)
      This breakfast place is pretty good but they don’t serve grits, mashed taters or dumplings 😦
      I’ll take what I can get though until my next trip back to good ol USA!

  6. A couple weeks after reading this I randomly came across a dinery-looking facade on the Left Bank and realized it was this place! Will definitely check it out.

  7. armpitofamerica said:

    That’s cool that you got a Jersey-style breakfast in Paris. Did they have pork roll by any chance?

  8. I spent my junior year abroad at L’Universite de Provence, in Aix. I certainly know what you’re talking about when it comes to the food there. On one level, it is utterly fabulous, but when it comes to comfort food there is a gaping void. Crepes just don’t cut it. Nor do their delightful croissants for breakfast. You must hand it to them on the cafe creme, though!

    When I returned home, I think I ate hamburgers for dinner for two weeks straight. Needed some red meat.

    We did find a small grocery store that specialized in american-type food and introduced some French friends to the delights of a classic: peanut butter and jelly. They were skeptical at first, but fell in love with it.

    I so love to travel, but haven’t in years due to the little kids. I guess that’s why I married and had babies late, so I could travel all over Europe before settling down. I have notified my husband that when the children are all in school, I will disappear for a month. I will be living in a small pied-a-terre in Paris.

    Have fun!

    • @insanitymostly I do miss the comfort foods. There are a couple of places here that sell American goodies for astronomical prices. For example, a box of Captain Crunch would cost around 12 Euro, Pop-Tarts 6 Euro….You get the idea.
      From what I understand family life will put a dent in the travel plans but if you’re determined you’ll eventually just bring them all along too. Or your idea of disappearing into Paris is good too as long as you go back eventually.
      Merci for stopping by!

  9. Amen. When I lived in France (Annecy) I found myself craving good TexMex. When I finally stumbled upon a “Mexican” restaurant, my heart broke a little when I tasted their tacos. Um. The French are good at French food. Not so good at the other stuff. Ironically, now that I’m back stateside and can eat tacos day and night, I find myself craving fondue and raclette. Sigh.

    The grass is always greener.

    • @pithypants That is so true. I will always love my American food, but while back there for vacation I had a croissant and it was terrible! I missed my REAL French croissants. I hear the Mexican restaurant here “Fajitas” is pretty good. It’s still on my list to check out.
      Thanks for the comment!

  10. I was in Paris some years back for literally six hours. I was in England for two weeks and took a tour across the channel. The tour was guided, thank goodness, because I don’t speak a word of French. However, at the Louvre, we were left to our own devices for a couple of hours. Being hungry, we found a place called Universal Burger which caters to non-French speaking tourists. You ordered by pointing to a picture menu and when it was time to pay the cashier pointed to pictures of the appropriate bills. Not a word was spoken, it was totally surreal. I would have loved Breakfast in America.

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