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Paris: Day 126

Logo Graffiti

Day 126 of life a la France.

I feel like a tourist that has just been here for a really long time. I wouldn’t even consider myself a foreigner yet. Though I am beginning to imagine life as a foreigner is going to be a difficult one!

I’m still having a tough time ordering food in restaurants and boulangeries. When I try to speak French I’m sure it sounds awful, but you gotta start somewhere.

Since my last post there have been a few (mostly American) holidays that have passed. For Thanksgiving, I spent the entire day, literally from 10:00 am – midnight at my school library. I did leave for a lunch break though. I spent Christmas in Germany with some American friends. (I am thankful for them and their fried food!) I spent New Year’s Eve at parties and under the Eiffel Tower.

We did not want to go to the Eiffel Tower. We compared it to being in Times Square, NYC to watch the ball drop. It just sounded like a tourist nightmare. We managed to squeeze about 20 people into a 10 or 11 meter apartment to begin the festivities. There was more drinks there than any of us needed, but there was also food. Real food: pasta salad, baguettes, cheese, olives, pepperoni, and baked chicken!

We left there about 11:15 and took a short walk to the Eiffel Tour. It was not as bad as we expected. There were thousands of people there, but it was bearable and we had a good time. There was no countdown but when the tower illuminated with its sparkly lights, everyone cheered, hugged, kissed, and were treated to champagne showers. It was definitely a moment none of us will ever forget; our 1st New Year’s at the Eiffel Tower.

So the journey of a young lady from New Jersey trying to blend into Paris continues. I have no idea what will happen next but whatever it is I will be sure to share it with you!


Decorations on the Champs Elysees

Decorations on the Champs Elysees Christmas Market

Comments on: "Paris: Day 126" (17)

  1. It’s about day #210 for me; I was watching the same sparkling Eiffel Tower at midnight from a little bit farther away! Having spent many New Year’s Eves in NYC I can say with confidence this year was cooler, even without the fireworks. Look forward to reading more about your thoughts on Paris. And I agree, avoiding those mistakes in French is hard stuff for sure!

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I am so glad that I stopped here at yours. I look forward to reading of your adventures. My dream is to one day visit Paris but till then I will enjoy visiting your blog! 🙂

  3. Cool pic. If you haven’t already, try checking out the pere lachaise cemetary, lots of famous people there, including Oscar Wilde and Jim Morrison. I also hear the tour of the underground catacombs is pretty interesting as well, a different side to the regular Paris, ie. le louvre, etc. My favourite film that take place in Paris is “Killing Zoe”, they have this really cool scene of the underground jazz scene in it.

  4. I’m coming to Paris in a week or two for work. I speak French but I notice Parisiens particularly tend to pretend not to understand you and swap to English so THEY can practise. It depends how tired I am whether I stick to my guns or whether I give up and answer in English.
    I also recommend the Catacombs; went during the heatwave in July last year. Absolutely amazing. We never made it to Pere Lachaise though.

  5. This is a fabulous blog! I want more! Thanks for visiting my blog because now I’ve found yours. I’m a travel-holic. I just wish my financial status could keep up with my roaming desires! LOL

    Nice post!

  6. How fun! I took 6 1/2 years of French (Er, maybe more …) from high school through undergrad and loved every second of it. Visited France once and fell in love. Hope everything is still going well! I’m sure you’ll look back on this past New Year’s celebration years from now with a smile. Thanks for the comment on my blog, as well! I’ve added you to my blog list and will check in from time to time. Cheers!

    • I hear it takes about 6 years on average to become fluent in any language. So I’m 1 yr down (lol).
      This year there are more American holidays to spend abroad. I will not be in America or Europe this year for Christmas and New Year’s.
      Thanks for the comment!

  7. We’re neighbors. I am in a country near France. I’ll give you a hint: We have something like 16 articles!

  8. wow! what a journey for you! sounds absolutely amazing 🙂

  9. Thank you for visiting my travel blog about my life in China. I am glad that I stopped by your blog too. I can totally relate to your food stories. I love food as well and prefer three meals a day with snacks in between. Unlike France though, food is cheap in China and I eat every time I step outside. The street vendors are just waiting with a homemade tasty treat that only costs 50 cents U.S. It is a good thing that I have a fast metabolism and walk every day. Although, for shopping purposes it doesn’t matter because my small size 25 frame barely fits into most clothes here anyway. I packed well for my year long stay so it is not a problem. If you visit my blog again and notice that I’m still wearing the same clothes, I’m sorry.

  10. Thanks for stopping by! I love Paris! It’s been to long since my last visit. For now I get by following @davidlebovitz on twitter and reading Liberation online. I hope you’re enjoying your stay!

  11. bernadetteryan said:

    Just saw this post about living in Paris! You luck thing! One of my many plans is to spend at least six months living in Paris within the next few years. It’s interesting to read about someone who is actually doing it!

    • Merci! You could definitely live in Paris for a while. Why not? You could stay here as a tourist for up to 3 months. To stay longer than that you’d have to have a work visa, become a student or marry a Frenchman!

  12. It is very strange being out of the US for major holidays! Even the ones that are celebrated internationally like Christmas and New Year’s are just different enough to feel strange. We spent this last Christmas and New Year’s holiday in New Zealand, and while we quite enjoyed it, Christmas in the summer is a very weird thing!

    • @Tiffany, I will experience a summer-like Christmas myself this year. Last year I was in Germany and it was a white Christmas and a winter wonderland. This year will be a bit more tropical and sunnier 🙂

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