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How To Make My Boyfriend Unattractive

 Ok he’s not my boyfriend in that way. He is my close friend that is a male. Anyway, here in “the city of love” I have not found love. I can’t help but wonder if that has anything to do with my friend becoming more and more attractive to me or is he really just awesome??

I have always had more male friends than female. Guys and I get along better and we are not in competition with one another. (Unless we make a bet to see who can get more numbers in one night; which we do occasionally.) I am always around guys. It’s easier for me to relax around them and be real and honest with one another. Females always have the drama going on and I can’t stand airheads and stuck up chicks.

I’m often with the “boys” whether we are eating or pre-gaming or in a club. I am very fond of all six of them and will keep in touch with them when we all leave to go our separate ways. The one that I’ll discuss in particular won’t stop being attractive! He is really smart, my go-to guy for class and other miscellaneous things, down to earth, has sex appeal and he’s mature! I find myself constantly talking about him! I really wanted him to meet my French girlfriend. Just wanted to introduce the two. While waiting for him to show up at a party I could not stop talking about him. My friend asked, “Why do you want me to meet him so bad?” I said because he’s just really cool. I’m sure you’ll like him. (Everyone would like him! Did I mention he’s awesome?)

That got me thinking, I’m doing a great job of “selling” him and he is an ideal person to date! Unfortunately our school community is way too small for dating (or hooking up) with each other.
Everyone is in everyone else’s business. Besides that, I would not want to sully such a great friendship.

This is why I need a hot Frenchman to take my mind off of my American friend! Why couldn’t my friend have been unattractive and boring?? We always have such a great time together and enjoy each other’s company. It seems to be getting worse! I know he is off limits but I am increasingly attracted to him.

What can I do to make my boy-friend unattractive??? HELP!

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