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Top 5 American Destinations. #2, Alaska



I really have to go mushing in Alaska! This state has been on my list for as long as I can remember. Must go mushing there before I die!

There are some really cool places to visit there (literally), with an endless list of entertainment and adventure! I might even be brave and go ice fishing! (maybe) Alaska, I promise to see you soon!

Has anyone been to Alaska that would like to share some tips for me??

Top 5 American Destinations. #3, Los Angeles, California

After meeting so many people from LA and them always telling me how wonderful it is, I need to check it out for myself. Being a proud Jersey Girl, I’m told that I probably wouldn’t like to live there, but I’m willing to give the west coast life a try for a week or so 😉


LA Skyline

I wonder if LA will give me a run for my money! Stay tuned. I hope to find out later this year!

Top 5 American Destinations. #4, New Orleans, Louisiana

I know it’s close to Mardi Gras and everyone is talking about New Orleans. However, this city has been on my travel to-do list for years! The flavor and wealth of New Orleans is calling to me! Luckily I’ve made a few friends that are natives of the city and I can’t wait to crash at their place and have them show me all the local hang outs and hot spots!

What do you think of the city?

New Orleans!

New Orleans!

Top 5 American Destinations. #5, Chicago, Illinois


Ready to get messy? I am!


I’ve always wanted to visit the “Windy City” to try the pizza! It’s different from the pizza I grew up with. Our pizza is flatter. “Brooklyn style” I guess. I would like a real reason to use a fork and knife for my pizza. I hear the city is nice otherwise but I am quite interested in the pizza! I hope to visit Chicago one day and go on this pizza tour 😀 Would you go? 

Flashback of the day: Copenhagen, Denmark



 I LOVE Copenhagen, Denmark!! I need more time in that amazing city. Because I’m a junk-foodie, I will mention that I had a lot of slurpees there from 7 Eleven. Anyway, the city is beautiful and has great cultural entertainment! 

Did you know that the Little Mermaid is Danish??! She is. I took a picture with her statue. This city really has so much to offer and it is at the top of my list of cities to return to. Please visit Denmark. The people there are super friendly and they made me want to learn some Danish. 

Copenhagen, thank you for a great time! I shall return! 


The Little Mermaid and Travelingmad!

 – Travelingmad 

Flashback of the day: Lake City, Florida

Lake City, Florida is a small town. While visiting family there, we went to Old Times Buffet. {I still insist on calling it Old Timers; that’s what it was full of!} I really enjoyed myself though. The food was delicious!! We went during lunch time and ate until we couldn’t take anymore! Please eat here if you’re ever in town. 


Iced tea from a plastic cup with a pig on it. Check!

Any restaurant that gives you plastic cups with pigs on them is going to give you a good, southern meal! 

Flashback of the day: Vaxjo, Sweden

I traveled to Vaxjo, Sweden, the “Greenest City in Europe.”

Group photo op during our walk by the lake.

Group photo op during our walk by the lake.

It was brisk weather but a such a great trip! We took a serene walk by the lake. I learned about recycling, passive houses (I want one) and even toured a factory. I could work the hard hat look 😉 I loved that the factory didn’t have vending machines but provided baskets of free fruit in the break rooms! America, please take note.

Flashback of the day: Martinsburg, West Virginia

My friend Meredith and I took a road trip to West Virginia from New Jersey. In “downtown” Martinsburg, we walked past beautiful old buildings and quaint little shops. Then we passed a place called Cherry Bomb Tattoo and Piercing! (Unexpected) A teenager actually asked us to take him there. We thought, “Um, NO!”

Also downtown, an outdoor art exhibit was taking place also where people had painted giant easels. We stopped for a quick photo opportunity.

Madeline and Meredith, Martinsburg, WV

Madeline and Meredith, Martinsburg, WV


The Holy Ghost Rap

This video is of my Mom. She wrote this rap in the 1990’s. I thought it was great and had to share it! Hope you enjoy it 🙂

Check out more of my videos under “Travelingmadeline” on YouTube.

For the Love of LENNY

Lenny's Promotional Poster

Lenny Kravitz LIVE!!

The finale of Lenny Kravitz’s Black and White European tour 2011 was held on November 29, 2011 in Paris at Bercy. I knew this information well in advance. Knowing I’d be in Paris at the time (and being one of the biggest Lenny Kravitz fans ever), I purchased my ticket in JUNE! Arriving on time of course, my adrenaline was pumping as we walked through the crowds of people to get to the entrance way.

Once inside I knew I needed Lenny merchandise. The question was just how much should I buy. I wanted one of everything! I ultimately settled on a black Lenny t-shirt with a photo of Lenny on the front and the European tour dates on the back. (Love the shirt!)  The purchase also came with a giant program.

Lenny sang all of his great hits as well of a few rising singles from the new album, Black and White America. The concert appeared to have ended when Lenny reappeared with Craig and an acoustic guitar. They played a few slow tunes. As the crowd continued to roar, Lenny began taking his jewelry off and spoke to the fans standing in the front. He said, “Don’t worry I’m coming down there.” Lenny went into the crowd! He made his way through thousands of people to emerge on an elevated island. The standing crowd was going crazy! He then pointed into the seated crowds and said he was coming up there too! Could it be? … Is Lenny Kravitz coming to my section?!? Lenny made his way around the entire stadium walking the crowds (heavily guarded by security) giving people high-fives and allowing fans to touch him as he passed by.

Though some may have thought Lenny was dangerous and crazy for doing that, it made the fans feel appreciated. Lenny put his heart and soul into a great performance and then showed even more love to the crowd. This is a much different approach than some so-called artists that lip-sync or ask the crowds to do more singing than them. Lenny is a veteran musician and still knows how to WOW the crowd. Thank you Mr. Kravitz for the best concert of the entire 2011.

Lenny's In the Crowd!

My finger touched Lenny Kravitz!!! ahhhhhh

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