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Hola Puerto Rico

Top 5 reasons Puerto Rico is my favorite island:

  1. It’s tropically beautiful.
  2. The food is delicious.
  3. The people are friendly.
  4. It’s relaxing.
  5. You don’t need a passport. (For those that are not yet international.)

There is so much to do, see and eat in Puerto Rico. Book a trip immediately, any time of year. I took an impromptu trip this month. Can’t wait to get back for trip # 4 or 5. I’m starting to lose count. I just know I need to go once a year 🙂

Hasta lluego!




Where are you from? No way; Me too!

Have you ever been somewhere really, really far away from home, possibly in another country and run into someone who is from your hometown? It has happened to me at least 3 times! We New Jerseyans need a break from the tri-state area sometimes.

A friend of mine here in Paris is from a small Caribbean island. While at a house party we all asked him if he had spoken with one woman who was also from his island. He told us he had for about two minutes. We looked at him in confusion. He told us he had enough friends from home and doesn’t need any more of them. I asked him why he wasn’t excited to talk to someone that he could relate to and reminisce about home with. He said he did not come all the way to Paris to hang out with people from back home.

I am the opposite. When I meet people from my hometown or home state, I feel an instant connection and we wind up chatting most of the night! The last time I met someone from my hometown was in a club in Paris. As it turns out, we could walk to each other’s houses back home!

I believe it is a small world afterall and I celebrate that.

How do you feel about meeting “neighbors” while far away from home?

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